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논문 상세정보

유기폐자원을 이용한 고도하수처리 대체탄소원 개발 및 실플랜트 적용

Development of Alternative External Carbon Source from Wasting Carbonaceous Organic Resource and Full Scale Application


The purpose of this research was evaluated economical effect to apply alternative external carbon source. Conventional activated sludge process in municipal wastewater treatment plant was adapted and introduced to Biological nutrient removal processes to meet the newly enforced effluent quality standard for nutrient removal in Korea. Low $COD/NH_4^+-N$ ratio and higher nutrient concentration of influent characteristics force to inject external carbon source for denitrifying recycled nitrate. In the most case, methanol was used as external carbon source. But Methanol is expensive and very dangerous in handling. So we could find cheaper and safer external carbon source substituted methanol in last study. This alternative external carbon source is named RCS(recoverd carbon source) and a by-product of fine chemical product at chemical plant. When RCS was applied real municipal wastewater treatment plant, average $55\~65\%$ of T-N removal efficiency, 8.8mg/l of effluent T-N concentration, 11.3mg/l of effleunt COD concentration were obtained without effluent COD increase as against used methanol. To apply RCS in municipal wastewater treatment plant obtain approximately $\74.5%$ expenditure cost reduction in comparison with methanol dosage cost.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (3)

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