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논문 상세정보

전역 최적화기법을 이용한 승객보호장치의 설계

Design of Occupant Protection Systems Using Global Optimization


The severe frontal crash tests are NCAP with belted occupant at 35mph and FMVSS 208 with unbelted occupant at 25mph, This paper describes the design process of occupant protection systems, airbag and seat belt, under the two tests. In this study, NCAP simulations are performed by Monte Carlo search method and cluster analysis. The Monte Carlo search method is a global optimization technique and requires execution of a series of deterministic analyses, The procedure is as follows. 1) Define the region of interest 2) Perform Monte Carlo simulation with uniform distribution 3) Transform output to obtain points grouped around the local minima 4) Perform cluster analysis to obtain groups that are close to each other 5) Define the several feasible design ranges. The several feasible designs are acquired and checked under FMVSS 208 simulation with unbelted occupant at 25mph.

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