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논문 상세정보

공명초음파분광법에 의한 광컨넥터용 결합소자의 비파괴검사

Nondestructive Test of Optical Connector by Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy Method


In this paper, resonant ultrasound spectroscopy(RUS) was used to determine the natural frequency of a ceramic ferrule and a ball lens. The ceramic ferrules are cylinderical shape with $\phi$ 2.56mm diameter and l0mm in length. Crack lengths of these ferrules are 10.40$\mu$m, 21.18$\mu$m and 32.35$\mu$m. The spherical ball lens was made of BK-7 glass, one's diameter in 2mm and 5mm. RUS system is consisted of spectrum analyzer, power amplifier, PZT sensor and support frame. The principle of RUS is that the mechanical resonant frequency of the materials depends on density and the coefficient of elasticity. Rus system is based on that given resonant frequency of the materials can be represented by the function of density and the coefficient of elasticity, and it is applied to excite specimen and to inspect the difference of natural frequency pattern between acceptable specimen and defective ones. Defect evaluation by RUS are performed to investigate the natural frequency measure of ferrule and ball lens.

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