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논문 상세정보

폭이 좁은 차량의 비상주행시 주행성능개선을 위한 제어시스템에 관한 연구

A Study on the Control System of the Narrow Vehicles for Improvement of Maneuvering under Emergency Situation


In urban area narrow commuter vehicles have attracted interest as a possible solution to reduce traffic congestion and parking problems. However, a narrow vehicle has an increased to overturn during hard cornering when compared to conventional vehicles. This tendency can be reduced by tilting it toward the inside of the turn. Two types of automatic tilting control systems which are Direct Tilt Control(DTC) and Steering Tilt Control(STC) have been developed. In this paper as one of the technique to improve the handling performance for the unusual vehicle the control system which blends both the DTC and the STC system is considered. It uses the merits of both the DTC and the STC system. As a control strategy for combination the switching control method is used. Finally, the fact that the unusual vehicle is safe under an emergency situation such as slippery road surface is proved by computer simulation.

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