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논문 상세정보

자동차 블랙박스 기록 오차 보정과 경로 재구성 해석

Compensation of Errors on Car Black Box Records and Trajectory Reconstruction Analysis


This paper presents reconstruction analysis of vehicle trajectory using records of a developed black box, and results of validation tests. For reconstruction of vehicle trajectory, the black box records the longitudinal and lateral accelerations and yaw-rate of vehicle during a pre-defined time period before and after the accident. One 2-axis accelerometer is used for measuring accelerations, and one vibrating structure type gyroscope is used for measuring yaw-rate of vehicle. The vehicle's planar trajectory can be reconstructed by integrating twice accelerations along longitudinal and lateral directions with yaw-rate values. However, there may be many kinds of errors in sensor measurements. The causes of errors are as follows: mis-alignment, low frequency offset drift, high frequency noise, and projecting 3-dimensional motion into 2-dimensional motion. Therefore, some procedures are taken for error compensation. In order to evaluate the reliability and the accuracy of trajectory reconstruction results, the black box was mounted on a passenger car. The vehicle was driven and tested along various specified lanes. Through the tests, the accuracy and usefulness of the reconstruction analysis have been validated.

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