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논문 상세정보


The present experimental study was designed to address two issues. The first was to investigate whether oxidation voltage of titanium implants influenced bone tissue responses after an in vivo implantation. The second aim was to investigate secondary stability change after 1 to 3months period. Screw-shaped implants with a wide range of oxide properties were prepared by electrochemical oxidation methods, where the oxide thickness varied in the range of $3-15{\mu}m$. The micro structure revealed pore sizes of $1-3{\mu}m$, the crystal structures of the titanium oxide were amorphous, anatase and a mixture of anatase and rutile type. Bone tissue responses were evaluated by resonance frequency measurements that were undertaken 1 to 3months after insertion in the rabbit tibia. It was concluded that no statistical difference of RFA values was found between the groups, RFA gains after Imonth and 3months were calculated.

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