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Statement of problem : The Cement as well as restoration required esthetics for making natural color restoration. Purpose : The purpose of this research is to evaluate color stability of restoration intermediated by resin cement which is used for cementation of all ceramic crown. Material and method : After making Empress 2 ingot into the size of $10mm{\times}10mm{\times}1mm$ according to indication, it glazed and made 48 Empress 2 blocks. Three kinds of resin cement(Rely-X, Variolink 2, Choice) having same shade cemented between Empress 2 blocks and Ivory shade tiles and made 48 specimens in the thickness of $30{\mu}m$ and $80{\mu}m$. After measureing color difference using spectorphotomenter, the result of this study were as follows. Results : The color difference of resin cement used in experiment increased in the order Rely-X, Variolink 2. As the thickness of cement increases, the color difference of all kinds of cement found statistically sifnificant difference but, this result is clinically acceptable. Conclusion : More resarch would have to be done in order to decrease the color difference as cement's thickness.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. 2015. "" Journal of Korean dental science, 8(2): 49~56 


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