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Statement of problem : Since the concept of osseointegrated dental implant by $Br{\aa}nemark$ et al was first applied to mandibular full edentulous patients. Recently it is considerated the first treatment option on missing teeth. A common problem associated with dental implant restorations is loosening of screws that retain the prosthesis to the abutment and the abutment to the implant fixture. Purpose : This study is to examine the influence on screw loosening of implant-abutment designs. Material and methods : External hex, cone screw, beveled hex, cam cylinder, cylinder hex by means of evaluating the loosening torques, with respect to a range of tightening torques after repeated loading. Result : 1. Cone screw, beveled hex groups are the highest initial tightening rate and cylinder hex, external hex groups are the lowest initial tightening rate (p < 0.05). 2. Cone screw groups are the highest after repeated loading tightening rate and cylinder hex groups are lowest after repeated loading tightening rate(p < 0.05). 3. Cone screw groups have the highest initial stability and anal stability. 4. All groups are decreased tightening rate after repeated loading.

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