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논문 상세정보


Statement of problem: The use of zirconia prostheses fabricated with CAD/CAM system is on an increasing trend in dentistry. However, evaluation of the fit related to internal relief and marginal reproducibility of zirconia has not been reported. Purpose : This study was to evaluate the fit related to internal relief and marginal reproducibility of zirconia core fabricated with CAD/CAM system. Materials and methods: The evaluation was based on 30 zirconia cores and 5 IPS-Empress2 cores. Zirconia cores were fabricated in different conditions of internal relief(0, 10, 20, 30, 40 and $50{\mu}m$), and IPS-Empress2 cores were fabricated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Before cementation, the marginal discrepancies or cores were measured on metal die. And then, each core was cemented to stone die, embedded in an acrylic resin and sectioned in two planes(mesiodistally and labiopalatally). The internal gaps were measured at the margin and axial surface. Measurements for the marginal discrepancies, the internal marginal gaps and the internal axial gaps were performed under a measuring microscope(Compact measuring microscope STM5; Olympus, Japan) at a magnification of ${\times}100$. In addition, the marginal conagurations of metal die, zirconia core and IPS-Empress2 core were examined with SEM(S-2700, Hitachi, Japan). Results : Within the limits of this study the results were as follows. 1. Compared with IPS-Empress2 cores, the marginal discrepancies of zirconia cores had no significant differences. the internal marginal gaps were statistically smaller and the internal axial gaps were statistically larger in each condition of internal relief. 2. The marginal discrepancies and the internal marginal gaps of zirconia cores had no significant differences related to the conditions of internal relief(P>0.05). 3. The internal axial gaps of zirconia cores with $0{\sim}20{\mu}$m for internal relief were significantly larger than that with $50{\mu}m$ (P<(0.0001). 4. SEM micrographs showed favorable marginal reproducibility of zirconia core and smooth texture on the milling surface. Conclusion: The marginal discrepancy and the internal gaps of zirconia core were clinically acceptable and the milling surface was showed smooth texture. For fabrication of the durable esthetic restoration, further investigations on complex design of core, milling accuracy, compatability of enamel porcelain and porcelain firing seems to be needed.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Kim, Yoon-Young ; Park, Won-Hee ; Yoo, Dong-Yeob ; Lee, Young-Soo 2010. "Comparative study in marginal fit of a pressed ceramic and feldspathic porcelain fused to metal restoration" 대한치과보철학회지 = The journal of Korean academy of prosthodontics, 48(4): 273~279 


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