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논문 상세정보

수종 도재 색조 선택 시스템의 spectrophotometer를 이용한 색조 재현성 평가



Statement of problem: Shade selection has traditionally been accomplished by visual examination, which is particularly relevant to the shade selection of anterior teeth, but the subjective nature of visual analysis can lead to errors in shade matching. Recently shade selection systems have been developed to provide a more objective and scientific approach to understanding and clarifying shade selection. Purpose : The purpose of this study was analysis of various shade analyzing equipment with the goal of providing a more objective shade selection. Materials and method: Visual shade matching system selection(Vita Lumin Vacuum shade guide, Vitapan 3D Master shade guide) and mechanical shade matching method($ShadeEye^{(R)}$-EX Chroma Meter, $Shadescan^{TM}$ System) used for this study. The shade guide tap specimens for 10 extracted maxillary anterior teeth were produced by selecting shades using each shade matching system. The accuracy of the selection of shades for the teeth and fabricated specimens were evaluated by analyzing the calculated shade difference(${\Delta}E^*$), using a spectrophotometer and calculating the output of value $L^*,\;a^*,\;b^*$. Results and conclusion: The results show that the average ${\{Delta}E^*$ value (difference of shade) of the shade tap specimens to the actual specimen decreased in the following order: Vita Lumin Vacuum Shade Guide(VL), $ShadeEye^{(R)}$-EX Chroma Meter(SE) Vitapan 3D Master Shade guide(V3), and $Shadescan^{TM}$ System(55) : and that there are significant statistical differences between the VL and SS (p<0.05). In the analysis of the ${\Delta}E^*$ (difference of shade) value,40% of the VL group was found to be less than 3.3 (limit value of shade tap specimens clinically acceptable), 60% in the V3 group, 50% in the SE group, and 80% in the SS group.

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