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논문 상세정보


Rapid informatization and technology advance in the 21st century has invited a new paradigm and changed many things in human life pattern. The impact of mobility seen in this digital nomadism has brought about, when it comes to clothing, a change in its unique meaning, that is, the graftage of high technology onto present nomad's life style who live moving around all the time due to the expansion of mobile environment. As the fruits of this expansion of mobile environment and technology advance in wireless telecommunication, easy-to-carry smaller sized devices such as cell phones, PDA, and MP3 players represent the present times, while the future would be an 'era of wearing' in which kinds of electronic devices and systems are integrated into clothing. Thus in this study, concept of wearable computer seen in the 21st century's digital nomadism was reviewed, and figurativeness and anesthetic value of wearable computer were discussed in association with the change in high style image resulted from technology advance and change of life style. By drawing a justice from which, value of future fashion was also prospected.

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