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논문 상세정보


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of hairstyle, hair length, and hair color on women's professional image. The quasi-experimental method by a $2{\times}3{\times}3\;(hairstyle\;{\times}\;hair length\;{\times}\;hair color)$ factorial design was used. Subjects were 343 women in Seoul, Korea. The bright brown hair was perceived to be less professional than the black and the dark brown. The straight hair was evaluated to be more professional than the wavy hair in the short and the medium length hair, whereas the wavy conveyed a higher professionalism than the straight style in long hair. The shorter the hair was, the more professional the image was. Among 18 stimuli, the short straight hair in black was evaluated to have the highest in professional image, and the long straight hair in bright brown was the lowest. Perceivers in their 40's and 50's evaluated the bright brown hair to be more professional than those in their 10's to 30's did. The present findings provide that hairstyle, hair length, and hair color are significant cues when perceiving women's professional image.

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