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논문 상세정보

세계 5개국에서 생산된 황색종 잎담배의 주요 향기성분 비교

The Comparison of Main Volatile Components in the Flue-cured Tobacco Produced by Five Countries.


The present study was carried out to compare the composition of major essential oil components in the flue-cured tobacco produced by Korea, America, China, Brazil and Zimbabwe. Above 100 essential oil components were separated by GC and major 18 components of them, known to be important contributors to flue-cured tobacco flavor and smoke taste, were identified by GC/MS. Neophytadiene was major in quantities in the oils mostly and its composition in flue-cured tobacco produced by Korea, America, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Unnam and Yenji region of China was 26.82\%,\;25.17\%,\;26.50\%,\;16.92\%,\;and\;18.75\%\;and\;14.87\%$, respectively. Megastigmatrienone, one of the major tobacco carotenoid degradation products was contained above $10\%$ in the oils of flue-cured tobacco produced by Korea and America, but, it was comprised about $5.66\%$ to 8.00 in Brazil, Zimbabwe, and Unnam and Yenji region of China. Damascenone is important to the aroma of tobacco as a crotenoid degradation products. Its amount in the oils was $3.31\%\;in\;Brazil,\;3.13\%\;in\;America,\;2.57\%\;in\;Zimbabwe,\;2.54%$ in Yenji of China, $2.00\%$ in Korea and $1.85\%$ in Unnam of China. These results can furnish the basic information capable of evaluating the quality value of flue-cured tobacco produced by various nations.

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