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논문 상세정보

담배 제조공정중 발생하는 이분의 화학적 특성과 입자크기 분포

The Chemical Properties and Particle Size Distribution of Tobacco Dust in Tobacco Process Line


Tobacco dust samples were collected for two times in primary and secondary process at 4 cigarette manufacturing factories(Shintanzin, Youngju, Wonju, Kwangju) and analyzed to evaluate usage as a raw material in production of reconstituted tobacco. The chemical constituents and HWS of tobacco dust were analyzed. Tobacco dust samples were partitioned by particle size using a series of screens ranging from 20 to 200 mesh. The amount of material retained in each fraction was quantified and sand content was also determined. Appreciable average amounts$(40-65\%)$ material at 4 locations were found to be larger than 60 mesh. Although the amount of material in each fraction increased to a maximum at 100 mesh and then decreased, the $\%$ sand continually increased with decreasing particle size. The chemical constituents and HWS content of tobacco dust have similar values in secondary process of 4 cigarette manufacturing factories but the those of primary process have different values according to the site of occurrence and manufacturing factories.

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