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논문 상세정보

Mathematical Modeling of the Effect of External Radiative Heating on Heat and Mass Transfer Between A Semi-transparent Diesel Fuel Droplet and Quiescent Air

International Journal of Safety v.3 no.1 , 2004년, pp.20 - 26  

The system considered in this model consists of a single, semi- transparent, diesel fuel droplet, which is immobile in the heating area and surrounded by a quiescent air. A uniform external radiation field surrounds the droplet. Results from mathematical simulation suggest that because of the higher surface temperature, the external radiative heating of the droplet can promote an earlier ignition of the fuel vapour/air mixture. The radiative heating of the droplet increases the mass transfer from the droplet to the surrounding gas-phase, thus, decreasing the heterogeneity of the fuel droplet/air system.

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