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논문 상세정보

Mechanical Properties of Breathable Waterproof Fabrics with Seaming and Sealing Processes

Fibers and polymers v.5 no.4 , 2004년, pp.316 - 320  

Waterproof fabrics are seamed and sealed by waterproof sealing tape to prevent water from penetrating through the stitch holes. As this process may change the mechanical properties of breathable waterproof fabric related to its deformation with human body, the changes in mechanical properties were investigated. In both of parallel and perpendicular directions, tensile characteristics were remarkably changed with seaming and sealing processes. The increase of LT and WT means that the clothing sealed by waterproofing tape may produce somewhat discomfort feeling. On the other hand, the bridge of the sewing thread seemed to be reinforced by waterproofing tape. Shear characteristics such as G, 2HG, and 2HG5 gradually increased with seaming and sealing processes in parallel direction. However, they decreased with sealing process in perpendicular direction because the seam line would work as an axis located at the center of the testing range.

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