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논문 상세정보


The lignin contents between IR-29 and Pokkali were not significantly different in the absence of NaCl, but they were slightly increased at 40 mM NaCl. Although lignin contents were not relatively significantly different between salt treated and control plants, the total yields of alkaline nitrobenzene oxidation ranged from 17.4-20.0 mg/g of cell wall residue at 40 mM NaCl were significantly different compared with control plants (11.8-12.2 mg/g). The total amounts of ester-linked hydroxycin-namic acids in IR-29 were decreased from 14.5 to 9.9mg/g, while Pokkali is almost same levels (14.9-15.0 mg/g) under treated and control with 40 mM NaCl. In contrast, the total amounts of ether-linked hydroxycinnamic acids were increased from 9.4 to 13.9 mg/g together with an opposite trend in Pokkali as a decrease 10.9 to 8.8 mg/g under treated and control with 40 mM NaCl. These results revealed that IR-29 is more sensitive in response to 40 mM NaCl in terms of hydroxycinnamic acids than Pokkali.

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