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논문 상세정보


This study was carried out to investigate the difference of growth characteristics, yield and extract content between upland and paddy ginseng cultured with 4­year-old ginseng in 2003. Although upland ginseng showed larger variation in yield than that of paddy ginseng, the average of it was greater than that of paddy ginseng because it showed better growth of aerial part and higher survival rate than that of paddy ginseng. Moisture content of fresh root was $71.8\%\;(68.5\~73.1\%),\;and\;72.7\%\;(70.2 \~74.9\%)$ on average in upland and paddy ginseng, respectively. Paddy ginseng showed higher hardness in taproot, and higher rate of rusty colored root than that of upland ginseng. The ratio of taproot dry weight in upland ginseng was smaller than that of paddy ginseng, while that of lateral root was larger in upland ginseng. Ratio of marketable root (>60g) to total harvested roots was $13.7\%\;(0.82\~8.0\%)\;and\;7.7\%\;(1.6\~12.6\%)$ in upland and paddy ginseng, respectively. Extract content did not show distinct difference between upland and paddy ginseng, but it showed large variation from $16.1\;to\;25.1\%$ in taproot, and from $24.2\;to\;32.5\%$ in lateral root depanding on the ginseng field examined.

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