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논문 상세정보


Thirty-nine out of eighty-five barley varieties/strains survived until heading stage in the saline experimental field $(0.03-0.05\%\;salt)$ and they were used for pollen study. Light and scanning electron microscopic observations revealed two distinctive types of barley pollens: one transparent and small in size and the other dark and larger. In addition, both types of pollens were stained with Alexander's stain and it was found that the smaller and transparent pollen was cytoplasm-devoid (CD) while the larger pollen was cytoplasm-rich (CR). Sixteen out of 39 barley varieties/lines grown in the saline soil had CR pollens, which were rarely observed in the barley plants grown in the non-saline soil. Moreover, it was observed that salt stress severely reduced seed setting in the varieties having degenerated pollens. These results suggest that salt stress affects the fertility of barley pollen. The sterile pollen was undersized and lack of cytoplasm probably due to abortion. Furthermore, a varietal difference existed in the response of pollen development to salt stress.

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