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논문 상세정보


Pharmacological inhibition of interleukin-12 (IL-12) production may be a therapeutic strategy for preventing the development and progression of disease in experimental models of autoimmunity. In this study, the effects of myricetin, a naturally occurring flavonoid present in fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs, on the production of IL-12 were investigated in mouse macrophages stimulated with lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Myricetin significantly inhibited the LPS­induced IL-12 production from both primary macrophages and the RAW264.7 monocytic cell-line in a dose-dependent manner. The effect of myricetin on IL-12 gene promoter activation was analyzed by transfecting RAW264.7 cells with IL-12 gene promoter/luciferase constructs. The repressive effect was mapped to a region in the IL-12 gene promoter containing a binding site for NF-${\kappa}B$. Furthermore, activation of macrophages by LPS resulted in markedly enhanced binding activity to the NF-${\kappa}B$ site, which significantly decreased upon addition of myricetin, indicating that myricetin inhibited IL-12 production in LPS-activated macrophages via the down­regulation of NF-KB binding activity.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (2)

  1. 2006. "" The journal of applied pharmacology : the official journal of the Korean Society of Applied Pharmacology, 14(1): 11~18 
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