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논문 상세정보


This paper proposes the level of price cap in the TWBP(Two- Way Bidding Pool) market in Korea for which the draft of market design has been prepared by KPX. Max - GMCP(Maximum Generation Market Clearing Price) and APC(Administered Price Cap) would be separately applied as individual price caps for a normal period and a Price Capping period in TWBP. The level of price cap is determined for inducing optimal investment in the Korean Electricity Market considering the 'electricity resource baseline plan' published by the Korean government in 2002 for maintaining government-leading resource planning in Korea. In this regard, Max - GMCP is calculated from the equilibrium condition of investment based on reliability standard and fixed cost of the peaking plant. For verifying the propriety of the proposed price cap, this paper compares the proposed value with the estimated VoLL(Value of Lost Load) based on Korea's GDP(Gross Domestic Product).

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