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논문 상세정보

Design of SPOKE Type BLDC Motor for Traction Application Considering Irreversible Demagnetization of Permanent Magnet


This paper presents a design strategy of SPOKE type BLDC motors considering an irreversible demagnetization of a permanent magnet (PM). So the irreversible demagnetization characteristic of the motor is analyzed by rotor structure. The instantaneous currents in either starting or lock rotor condition, which are calculated from the current dynamic analysis, are applied to the analysis of the irreversible demagnetization field by FEM. In irreversible demagnetization analysis by FEM, the variation of residual flux density in PM is analyzed using the non-linearity of magnetic core on B-H plan. The analysis results are compared to several rotor structures and used for optimize the rotor structure.

참고문헌 (4)

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