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논문 상세정보


In this paper, a DC smoothing filterless soft switching pulse modulated high frequency AC power conversion circuit connected to utility. frequency AC power source is proposed for consumer induction heating hot water producer, steamer and super heated steamer. The operating principle of DC link filterless utility frequency AC-high frequency AC (HF AC) power conversion circuit defined as high frequency cycloinverter is described, which can operate under a principle of ZVS/AVT and power regulation based on alternate asymmetrical PWM in synchronization with the utility frequency single phase AC positive or negative half wave voltage. The dual mode modulation control scheme based on high frequency PWM and commercial frequency AC voltage PDM for the proposed high frequency cycloinverter are discussed to enlarge its soft switching commutation operating range for wide HF AC power regulation. This high frequency cycloinverter is developed for high frequency IH Dual Packs Heater (DPH) type boiler used in consumer and industrial fluid pipeline systems. Based on the experiment and simulation results, this high frequency cycloinverter is proved to be suitable for the consumer use IH-DPH boiler and hot water producers. The cycloinverter power regulation and power conversion efficiency characteristics are evaluated and discussed.

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