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논문 상세정보

Design of Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode Controller based on Fuzzy Basis Function Expansion for UFV Depth Control


Generally, the underwater flight vehicle (UFV) depth control system operates with the following problems: it is a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) system because the UFV contains both pitch and depth angle variables as well as multiple control planes, it requires robustness because of the possibility that it may encounter uncertainties such as parameter variations and disturbances, it requires a continuous control input because the system that has reduced power consumption and acoustic noise is more practical, and further, it has the speed dependency of controller parameters because the control forces of control planes depend on the operating speed. To solve these problems, an adaptive fuzzy sliding mode controller (AFSMC), which is based on the decomposition method using expert knowledge in the UFV depth control and utilizes a fuzzy basis function expansion (FBFE) and a proportional integral augmented sliding signal, is proposed. To verify the performance of the AFSMC, UFV depth control is performed. Simulation results show that the AFSMC solves all problems experienced in the UFV depth control system online.

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