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The purpose of this study was to examine dietary frequencies among Korean American adolescents in California, including the correlation of acculturation and parental dietary Consumption. This study was drawn from cross-sectional telephone surveys based on data from a larger study of Korean Americans in California using random sampling of residential phone listings. A total of 494 Korean American adolescents, ages 12 through 17, in California were collected with dietary frequencies and acculturation and one parents' demographic and dietary consumption information. Three-quarters of adolescents were classified as 'more acculturated group' into the U.S. society with a lower preference to Korean foods, frequent snacking, and lower consumptions of rice and kimchi. Other quarter of adolescents was classified as 'less acculturated group'. However, the most frequent food items by both groups were rice and kimchi. Fruit and vegetable consumption was associated between adolescents and parents in both groups, but rice and kimchi were associated only among the more-acculturated group. In conclusion, dietary frequencies of Korean American adolescents were influenced by acculturation and parental dietary consumption. These findings should inform future epidemiological researches as well as efforts to enhance the diet of Koreans and other immigrants.

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