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논문 상세정보


According to Sa-Sang constitution, people can be classified into 4 types, Tae-Yang-In, Tae-Eum-In, So-Yang-In, and So-Eum-In. 1he purpose of this study was to examine any significance between types of Sa-Sang constitution and dietary factors. Physical and constitutional examinations as well as a questionnaire survey were conducted on a group of 483 college students. Among the group of 483 college students, only 428 subjects were determined to have identical constitution through both the questionnaire survey and Korean traditional medical doctors' inquiries. Of 428 subjects, $29.7\%$ were determined to be Tae-Eum-Ins; $35.5\%$ were identified as So-Yang-Ins; $34.8\%$ were classified as So-Eum-Ins. Tae-Eum-Ins showed a statistically significant difference in BMI and higher smoking rate in comparison with groups of So-Yang-Ins and So-Eum-Ins. So-Eum-Ins had a tendency to take vegetables and fruits more often but they had lower preferences for balanced diets. Tae-Eum-Ins showed higher propensity to eat a visible fat protein. In terms of degrees of doneness of meat, So-Yang-Ins showed a higher tendency to prefer well-broiled meat Tae-Eum-Ins also tended to have significantly higher iron, potassium, sodium, vitamin $B_1$, niacin, $\beta$-carotene and vitamin E in their diet So-Eum-Ins had significantly lower intakes of protein, phosphorous, and folate. Considering the fact that most chronic degenerative diseases could be developed by any lifestyle factors, it is necessary to conduct educational programs about lifestyles including dietary habits for maintaining good health; On the basis of the results of this study, it is expected that the scientific, objective and accurate diet information depending upon individual's type of constitution will be provided.

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