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논문 상세정보


This study was conducted to develop a web expert system for nutrition counseling and menu management. This program manipulates a food, dish and menu and search database that has been developed. Clients can select a recommended general and therapeutic menu using this system. The web expert system can analyze nutrients in menus and compare nutrient contents of menus with Korean Recommended Dietary Allowances. It can access the food, dish and menu database. The expert menu database can insert, store and generate the synthetic information of age, sex, and therapeutic purpose of disease. With investigation and analysis of the client's needs, the menu planning program on the internet has been continuously developed. This system consists of the database that reaches to the food composition, the dishes and the menu. Clients can search food composition and conditional food based on nutrient name and amounts. This system is able to draw up the food with its order in dish. The menu planning can be organized and nutrients analysis can be compared with Korea Recommended Allowance. This system is able to read the nutrient composition of the each food, the dish and the menu. The results of analysis is presented quickly and accurately. Therefore it can be used by not only usual people but also dietitians and nutritionists who take charge of making a menu and experts in the field of food and nutrition. It is expected that the web expert system can be useful of nutrition education, nutrition counseling and expert menu management.

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  1. 2014. "" Journal of information science theory and practice : JISTaP, 2(4): 61~76 


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