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논문 상세정보


Sodium cellulose carbonate (CC-Na) dissolved in $8.5\;wt\%$ NaOH/ZnO (100/2-3, w/w) aqueous solution was spun into some acidic coagulant systems. Diameter of regenerated cellulose fibers obtained was in the range of $15-50\;{\mu}m$. Serrated or circular cross sectional views were obtained by controlling salt concentration or acidity in the acid/salt/water coagulant systems. Velocity ratio of take-up to spinning was controlled up to 4/1 with increasing spinning velocity from 5 to 40 m/min. Skin structure of was developed at lower acidity or higher concentration of coagulants. Fineness, tenacity and elongation of the regenerated cellulose fibers were in the range of 1.5-27 denier, 1.2-2.2 g/d, and $8-11.3\;\%$, respectively. All of CC-Na and cellulose fibers spun from CC-Na exhibited cellulose II crystalline structure. Crystallinity index was increased with increasing take-up speed.

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