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논문 상세정보


Radical scavenging activity of water and methanol extracts of mulberry juice and cake prepared from mulberry fruit (Morus spp.) was evaluated using three in vitro assay systems. Mulberry fruits were homogenized with $0.5\%$ trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) in distilled water, filtered with cheeze-cloth and centrifuged to yield mulberry juice and cake. Mulberry juice was evaporated and solubilized in $0.5\%$ TFA in distilled water or $0.5\%$ TFA in $80\%$ aqueous methanol, followed by filtration and evaporation to obtain water (WMJ) and methanol (MMJ) extracts of mulberry juice. Mulberrry cake also was extracted with the above same solvents, and thereby finally obtaining water (WMC) and methanol (MMC) extracts of mulberry cake. Among four extracts, the MMC showed the most potent radical scavenging activity against DPPH radical $(IC_{50}=167.45\;{\mu}g/mL)$, and superoxide $(IC_{50}=36.18\;{\mu}g/mL)$ and hydroxyl radicals $(IC_{50}=467.08\;{\mu}g/mL)$. The WMC also exhibited stronger radical scavenging activity than those of two other mulberry juice extract, WMJ and MMJ. Meanwhile, the MMJ exerted stronger three radical scavenging activity than the WMJ. Total phenolic content of the water and MeOH extracts from mulberry cake was higher than that of the water and MeOH extracts from mulberry juice. Thus, these results suggest that the extracts of mulberry cake with high dietary phenolics may be useful potential source of natural antioxidant as radical scavenger.

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