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A method is described for the determination of dibutyltin (DBT) in sediment by isotope dilution using liquid chromatography inductively-coupled plasma/mass spectrometry (LC-ICP/MS). To achieve the highest accuracy and precision, special attentions are paid in optimization and evaluation of overall processes of the analysis including extraction of analytes, characterization of the standards used for calibration and LC-ICP/MS conditions. An approach for characterization of natural abundance DBT standard has been developed by combining inductively-coupled plasma/optical emission spectrometry (ICP/OES) and LC-ICP/MS for the total Sn assay and the analysis of Sn species present as impurities, respectively. An excellent LC condition for separation of organotin species was found, which is suitable for simultaneous DBT and tributyltin (TBT) analysis as well as impurity analysis of DBT standards. Microwave extraction condition was also optimized for high efficiency while preventing species transformation. The present method determines the amount contents of DBT in sediments with expanded uncertainty of less than 5% and its result shows high degree of equivalence with reference values of an international inter-comparison and a certified reference material (CRM) within stated uncertainties.

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