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논문 상세정보


The study was conducted to determine whether oak wood vinegar extract influences blood alcohol concentration and hangover syndrome in healthy volunteers. 2% wood vinegar extract was effective to inhibit increase of blood alcohol concentration after alcohol intake and showed significantly different (P<0.1) compared to placebo. By result of questionnaire of volunteers, wood vinegar extract showed effects improving hangover syndrome. In comparative study about blood alcohol concentration and hangover syndrome of wood vinegar extract and other extract that hangover improvement effect was reported, average maximum blood alcohol concentration was lowered in those taking wood vinegar extract than those taking other extract. At drinking completion 210minutes (T210), blood alcohol concentration of those taking wood vinegar extract was the lowest by 0.063% compared with other extract but was not significantly different between in those taking wood vinegar extract and in those taking other extract. However, wood vinegar extract's experimental group was the highest by 0.462 in decrement rate of blood alcohol concentration and, when did P<0.1 by significance level, indicated difference that mean statistically compared to placebo group uniquely. At those taking wood vinegar extract, the improvement rate and the aggravation rate of hangover syndrome was each 87%, 2%. Thus it was concluded that wood vinegar extract showed excellent alcohol oxidation and was effective in hangover improvement.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Lee, Sung-Suk ; Ahn, Byoung-Jun ; Cho, Sung-Taig 2010. "Antimicrobial Activities of Wood Vinegar and Application as Natural Fungicides and Food Preservatives" 목재공학 = Journal of the Korean wood science and technology, 38(4): 341~348 


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