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논문 상세정보


The synthetic breaking test method was developed to evaluate the breaking performance of ultra high-voltage circuit breaker and made up of two independent circuits; current source circuit and voltage source circuit. In application of this test method, it is necessary to extend the arc of the test breaker. So, the new re-ignition system using VTGS (Vacuum Triggered Gap-Switch) was constructed to improve the efficiency and reliability of this test. In this re-ignition system, VTGS operates in high vacuum state of $5{\time}10^{17}$torr and control system consists of the triggering device and the air M-G (Motor-Generator). This re-ignition system showed the operating characteristics, such as delay time ($t_d$) and jitter time ($t_j$ not exceeding 5us and 1us respectively, and had the operating voltage of $25\~150kVdc$ at the gap distance of 24mm.

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