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논문 상세정보


We demonstrate a simple $CO_2$ laser by controlling firing angle of a TRIAC switch in ac power line. The power supply for our laser system switches the voltage of the AC power line (60Hz) directly. The power supply does not need elements such as a rectifier bridge, energy-storage capacitors, or a current-limiting resistor in the discharge circuit. In order to control the laser output power, the pulse repetition rate is adjusted up to 60Hz and the firing angle of TRIAC gate is varied from $45^{circ}$ to $135^{circ}$. A ZCS(Zero Crossing Switch) circuit and a PIC one-chip microprocessor are used to control the gate signal of the TRIAC precisely. The maximum laser output of 40W is obtained at a total pressure of 18 Torr, a pulse repetition rate of 60Hz, and a TRAIC gate firing angle of $90^{circ}$.

참고문헌 (4)

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