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논문 상세정보


The increasing demand for high density packaging technologies and the evolution to mixed digital and analogue devices has been the con-set of increasing research in thin film multi-layer technologies such as the passive components integration technology. In this paper, Cu and TaO thin film with RF sputtering was deposited for spiral inductor and MOM capacitor on the $SiO_2$/Si(100) substrate. MOM capacitor and spiral inductor were fabricated for L-C band pass filter by sputtering and lift-off. We are analyzed and designed thin films L-C passive components for band pass filter at 900 MHz and 1.8 GHz, important devices for mobile communication system. Based on the high-Q values of passive components, MOM capacitor and spiral inductors for L-C band pass filter, a low insertion loss of L-C passive components can be realized with a minimized chip area. The insertion loss was 3 dB for a 1.8 GHz filter, and 5 dB for a 900 MHz filter. This paper also discusses a analysis and practical design to thin-film L-C band pass filter.

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