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The effect of NaCl solution concentration (from 0 to 3 M) on the extraction of pectinesterase (PE) from jalapeno chili pepper (Capsicum annuum) was studied by determining its solubilization degree from the chili tissue. All concentrations of the salt favored the solubilization of PE in jalapeno chili pepper, compared to that in water. Maximum enzyme activity was obtained with NaCl 2.0 M. The effect of temperature on the PE activity of jalapeno chili pepper in the extracts was also studied. The PE residual activity of jalapeno pepper was 75% after 60 min of incubation at $55^{\circ}C$ and 10% at $75^{\circ}C$. At $85-95^{\circ}C$, PE residual activity was 5% after 5 min of incubation.

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