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논문 상세정보


Flaxseed is outstanding for lignans and oil rich in ${\alpha}$-linolenic acid which protect against several major illnesses. Better understanding of processing and storage characteristics of flaxseed will increase options for food use. Lignans and oil are found in the hull and embryo, respectively. Comparison of pearling and impact-dehulling processes for separation of lignan and oil-rich fractions showed the impact process was less effective, but easier to scale-up. Screw-pressing embryo reduced oil yield compared to whole seed, but doubled productivity and sharply reduced frictional heating of the oil. Flaxseed hull and embryo, also whole, ground and steamed-ground samples, were stable up to 30 weeks in closed containers at $23^{\circ}C$. Steamed-ground samples in open trays at $40^{\circ}C$ deteriorated markedly (peroxide value > 100 by 22 weeks); yet, whole seed remained stable. Incorporation of 18% flaxseed embryo into yellow perch feed increased ${\alpha}$-linolenic acid to 13 to l4% of muscle and liver lipids, compared to 0.5 to 0.7% in the no-embryo control. Feed conversion ratio, weight gain, and survival were similar. These studies are helping to establish the technological base for processing and utilizing flaxseed and flaxseed fractions to improve human diets.

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