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논문 상세정보

Adaptive Radio Resource Allocation for a Mobile Packet Service in Multibeam Satellite Systems

ETRI journal v.27 no.1 , 2005년, pp.43 - 52  

In this paper, we introduce an adaptive radio resource allocation for IP-based mobile satellite services. We also present a synchronous multibeam CDMA satellite system using an orthogonal resource sharing mechanism among downlink beams for the adaptive packet transmission. The simulation results, using a Ka-band mobile satellite channel and various packet scheduling schemes, show that the proposed system and resource allocation scheme improves the beam throughput by more than two times over conventional systems. The simulation results also show that, in multibeam satellite systems, a system-level adaptation to a user's channel and interference conditions according to user locations and current packet traffic is more efficient in terms of throughput improvement than a user-level adaptation.

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