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$Pr^{3+}-doped$ selenide glass optical fiber, which guarantees single-mode propagation of above at least 1310 nm, has been successfully fabricated using a Ge-Ga-Sb-Se glass system. Thermal properties such as glass transition temperature and viscosity of the glasses have been analyzed to find optimum conditions for fiber drawing. Attenuation loss incorporating the effects of an electronic band gap transition, Rayleigh scattering, and multiphonon absorption has also been theoretically estimated for the Ge-Ga-Sb-Se fiber. A conventional double crucible technique has been applied to fabricate the selenide fiber. The background loss of the fiber was estimated to be approximately 0.64 dB/m at 1650 nm, which can be considered fairly good. When excited at approximately 1470 nm, $Pr^{3+}-doped$ selenide fiber resulted in amplified spontaneous emission and saturation behavior with increasing pump power in a U-band wavelength range of 1625 to 1675 nm.

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