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논문 상세정보

Effects of Xylanase Supplementation to Wheat-based Diet on the Performance and Nutrient Availability of Broiler Chickens


A trial was conducted to evaluate the level of wheat substituted for corn in a traditional corn-soy diet and the xylanase supplementation effect on the growth performance and nutrient digestion of broiler chickens. This experiment was a randomized design with a 4${\times}$2 factorial arrangement with four levels of wheat substitution and two levels of enzyme inclusion in the diet. Wheat replaced 0, 25, 50 or 100% corn with or without 1 g/kg xylanase supplementation in iso-nitrogenous and iso-calorific experimental diets. The results showed that in the growing period, broilers attained the highest (p<0.05) body weight gain, feed intake, and relative small intestine weight when wheat was substituted at 25% for corn. The relative caecum weight increased (p<0.05) linearly with increasing levels of wheat substitution for corn. However, during the finishing period and entire experimental period from 0 to 6 weeks, no significant difference was shown in the growth performance among all treatments. Xylanase inclusion significantly improved the body weight gain, fat availability (p<0.01) and diet metabolisable energy (p<0.1) but decreased (p<0.05) the relative GI tract weight during the growing period. The digesta viscosity of 6-week old broilers was also decreased (p<0.05). It appears that wheat substituted for corn did not affect the growth performance, nutrient digestion, and the digesta viscosity of chickens. It is acceptable to completely substitute wheat for corn. Xylanase supplementation improved performance.

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