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논문 상세정보

Interpretive Planning Which Is "In Tune" With Visitors Expectations in Nature Park: Case Study in Jogyesan Provincial Park, Jeonnam, Korea


This research is based on a visitor survey at Jogyesan Provincial Park in Jeonnam, and its implications for interpretive planning. The research population was the set of weekend and holiday visitors, 20 years of age and older, to Jogyesan Provincial Park in Jeonnam, during the summer of 2003. A questionnaire was offered to every tenth person entering the park on every other weekend day and both holidays (June 1 and September 30). It was obvious that the interpretive program at Jogyesan Provincial Park, to meet the expectations of its visitors, should provide: (1) visitors with opportunities to experience the out-of-doors and learn about the cultural, historical and natural surroundings; (2) opportunities for the visitors to relax and escape from the normal and work environment; and (3) opportunities for the visitors to experience an atmosphere which enables them to achieve and self-actualize. In the area of interpretive programs, expectations are usually priorities, except for mountain climbing and exercise. Enhancing achievement and self-actualization is rarely a consideration and needs more emphasis in the future interpretive programs and plans.

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