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논문 상세정보

초등학교 과학 협동학습에서 영재 학생과 일반 학생의 언어적 상호작용 비교

The Comparison of the Gifted Students and General Students' Verbal Interactions in Cooperative Science Learning


In this study, the scientifically gifted students and the general students were compared in terms of the following components in cooperative teaming: whom they interacted with, to/from whom they gave/received help and why, and what kinds of the verbal interaction patterns they engaged in. The subjects were 4th graders. The data were collected through the investigation of the students' perception and videotaping of the small group interactions of each group. The results showed that the gifted students interacted with most students in their groups. They complemented each others' opinions and their discussion was enriched through their interactions. On the other hand, the interactions of the general students occurred mostly around a leader, and more teamed students explained the content to the less teamed students. Predominantly, the gifted students' most verbal behaviors were related with the teaming contents. Most frequent verbal behavior were a giving specific information and an explanation of their opinions. The general students, however, gave simple and short information, and more often they showed the management behaviors, such as encouraging participation and suggesting their directions.

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