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Whereas most of isolates of Cucumber mosaic virus(CMV) can induce green mosaic systemic symptoms on zucchini squash, foliar symptoms of a pepper isolate of CMV (Pf-CMV)-infected zucchini squash revealed systemic chlorotic spots. To assess this biological property, infectious full-length cDNA clones of Pf-CMV were constructed using long-template RT-PCR. The complete nucleotide sequences of RNA2 and RNA3 of Pf-CMV were determined from the infectious fulllength cDNA clones, respectively. RNA 2 and RNA3 of Pf-CMV contain 3,070 nucleotides and 2,213 nucleotides, respectively. Overall sequence homology of two RNAs revealed high similarity (90%) between CMV strains, and 60% similarity to those of Tomato aspermy virus and Peanut stunt virus strains. By sequence analysis with known representative strains of CMV, Pf- CMV belongs to a typical member of CMV subgroup IA. The virus has high evolutionary relationship with Fny-CMV, but the pathology of Pf-CMV in zucchini squash was quite different from that of Fny-CMV. The pesudorecombinant virus, F1P2P3, induced chlorotic spot leaf symptom and timing of systemic symptom in squash plants, similar to the plants infected by Pf-CMV. No systemic symptoms were observed when Pf-CMVinoculated cotyledons were removed at 5 days postinoculation (dpi) while Fny-CMV showed systemic symptom at 2 dpi. These results suggest that the pepper isolate of CMV possesses unique pathological properties distinguishable to other isolates of CMVs in zucchini squash.

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