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Abstract Glycolysis has a main function to provide ATP and precursor metabolites for biomass production. Although glycolysis is one of the most important pathways in cellular metabolism, the details of its regulation mechanism and regulating chemicals are not well known yet. The regulation of the glycolytic pathway is very robust to allow for large fluxes at almost constant metabolite levels in spite of changing environmental conditions and many reaction effectors like inhibitors, activating compounds, cofactors, and related metal ions. These changing environmental conditions and metabolic reaction effectors were focused on to understand their roles in the metabolic networks. In this study, we have investigated for construction of the regulatory map of the glycolytic metabolic network and tried to collect all the effectors as much as possible which might affect the glycolysis metabolic pathway. Using the results of this study, it is expected that a complex metabolic situation can be more precisely analyzed and simulated by using available programs and appropriate kinetic data.

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