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논문 상세정보

High-Performance Synchronization for Circuit Emulation in an Ethernet MAN


Ethernet is being deployed in metropolitan area networks (MANs) as a lower-cost alternative to SONET-based infrastructures. MANs are usually required to support common communication services, such as voice and frame relay, based on legacy synchronous TDM technology in addition to asynchronous packet data transport. This paper addresses the clock synchronization problem that arises when transporting synchronous services over an asynchronous packet infrastructure, such as Ethernet. A novel algorithm for clock synchronization is presented combining time-stamp methods used in the network time protocol (NTP) with signal processing techniques applied to measured packet interarrival times. The algorithm achieves the frequency accuracy, stability, low drift, holdover performance, and rapid convergence required for viable emulation of TDM circuit services over Ethernet.

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