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논문 상세정보

A Retransmission Power Adjustment Scheme for Performance Enhancement in DS/SSMA ALOHA with Packet Combining


In this paper, we present a retransmission power adjustment (RPA) scheme for DS/SSMA ALOHA packet radio systems with packet combining. In the proposed RPA scheme, retransmission power is adjusted in such a way that the erroneously-received packet can be recovered with a minimized interference to other user packets. We analyze the performance of the system with the RPA by employing the equilibrium point analysis (EPA), and confirm that the results obtained from the EPA are very close to the simulation results in low power cases. Simulation results demonstrate that the RPA scheme brings forth performance gain in the throughput and the average delay while saving a significant amount of transmission power. We also investigate the stability of the system from the EPA results, and conclude that the system becomes stable as the offered load increases or the level of retransmission power decreases.

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