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논문 상세정보


We describe the design and the implementation of video-rate reflection confocal scanning microscopy (CSM) using an acousto-optical deflector (AOD) for the fast horizontal scan and a galvanometer mirror (GM) for the slow vertical scan. Design parameters of the optical system are determined for optimal resolution and contrast. The OSLO simulations show that the performances of CSM are not changed with deflection angle and the wavefront errors of the system are less than 0.012λ. To evaluate the performances of designed CSM, we do a series of tests, measuring lateral and axial resolution, real time image acquisition. Due to a higher axial resolution compared with conventional microscopy, CSM can detect the surface of sub-micrometer features. We detect 138㎚ line shape pattern with a video-rate (30 frm/sec). And 10㎚ axial resolution is archived. The lateral resolution of the topographic images will be further enhanced by differential confocal microscopy (DCM) method and computational algorithms.

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