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논문 상세정보

지역문화시설의 지체장애인 동선계획에 관한 연구 - 광주지역 문화시설을 중심으로

A Study on Circulation planning of the disabled in Local Cultural arts center


The disabled has remarkable difficulties to participate social activities and those, that block them up from access to public facilities and the comfortable habitation so they should get help from others, are mainly made by architectural facts. Buildings without impediment which consider the disabled would be the things responding to the needs of the times. If the disabled would be convenient to use facilities, there should be no difficulties to normal people. A first began to examine into the role of the architecture. And to establish radical standards for the disabled to use cultural and assembly facilities through scrutinizing facilities to get access for the disabled and movement circulations in the cultural facilities should be the conclusion. This study which is a kind of fundamental study to construct cultural facilities without obstacles for the disabled began from consideration for the problem flow line of the disabled in cultural facilities and analyzed flow lines for them to use, access, and evacuate from those which are main facilities in the region. Though, evacuation rules in cultural and assembly facilities are recommendatory in existing laws for convenience of the disabled, the congestion of the crowd coming out after performances impedes safe flows of both the disabled and crowds. Further, in case of evacuation, there would be more serious problems. Therefore, consideration of reinforcement for existing laws for convenience of the disabled is needed.

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