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논문 상세정보

10대 초반 소녀들의 사춘기에 대한 담론분석

The Discourse Analysis of Puberty in Early Teenage Girls


Purpose: This study was conducted to analyze the discourse of puberty in the early teenage girls. Method: The participants were 24, 11-15years old girls who were interviewed in face-to-face using a semi-structured questionnaire. The interviews were done between October 29 and December 27 2003. Analysis of the qualitative data was done in 2 steps. Results: First, the theme of the girls' puberty discourse was identifying normality and consisted of 5 categories : i) defining puberty as experiencing changes, ⅱ) acknowledging their own puberty connecting it with their definitions of puberty, ⅲ) selectively excluding/recognizing the actual pubertal changes by seeing themselves as nonsexual and negative beings, ⅳ) recognizing the pubertal changes as becoming women and making them not peculiar but normal, and ⅴ) sharing the knowledge and experience of change inactively and exclusively and resisting the dominant discourse. Three main discourse frames, marking off sexual/nonsexual, man/women, and major/minor were revealed in the second step of the analysis. They were intricately woven with each other and converged on sex. Conclusion: The girls posited themselves as being asexual, unstable, and marginal. So there is a need to help them recognize their pubertal state as physical and mental paradigmatic changes and assure their pubertal changes as positive.

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