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논문 상세정보

Approach for Cloning and Characterization of Blue/White Flower Color Specific cDNA Clones from Two Commelina Species

Journal of plant biotechnology v.7 no.1 , 2005년, pp.45 - 50  

To clone blue and white flower color specific genes, mRNA differential display was carried out with two different Commelina species, C. communis Linne for blue color and C. coreana Leveille for. leucantha Nakai for white color. Fifty two and 100 cDNA clones specific for blue or white flower color, respectively, were ranging from 200 to 700 bp in size. From the reverse northern blot analysis, 12 and 7 positive clones were selected for blue and white flower, respectively. These clones appear to be novel cDNAs for these Commelina plants, but not color specific. This finding was supported by the northern blot analysis. However, two clones, B18 and B19, derived from blue flowered Commelina were highly expressed than in the white Commelina species, implying that further study will be valuable. The results indicated that both mRNA display experiment and dot blot analysis may not sensitive enough to clone color-determining gene from the plant, leading to explore more advanced method, like high-density colony array study (HDCA).

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