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논문 상세정보


Using a general Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model strain, continuous ethanol fermentation was carried out in a stirred tank bioreactor with a working volume of 1,500 mL. Three different gravity media containing glucose of 120, 200 and 280 g/L, respectively, supplemented with 5 g/L yeast extract and 3 g/L peptone, were fed into the fermentor at different dilution rates. Although complete steady states developed for low gravity medium containing 120 g/L glucose, quasi-steady states and oscillations of the fermented parameters, including residual glucose, ethanol and biomass were observed when high gravity medium containing 200 g/L glucose and very high gravity medium containing 280 g/L glucose were fed at the designated dilution rate of $0.027\;h^{-1}$. The observed quasi-steady states that incorporated these steady states, quasi-steady states and oscillations were proposed as these oscillations were of relatively short periods of time and their averages fluctuated up and down almost symmetrically. The continuous kinetic models that combined both the substrate and product inhibitions were developed and correlated for these observed quasi-steady states.

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